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  1. Google's Europe transparency report is out.

  2. 8 Ways Your Google is Changing with Star Wars

  3. Complete list of Gmail Search Operators

  4. Google shares Thanksgiving trends on Search

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  5. When using Google navigation, you can say "Ok, Google, next step" to get details on your upcoming turn.

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  6. Shop more with the Help of Google

  7. Type "a long time ago in a galaxy far far away" in Google search for ultimate Star Wars easter egg

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  8. Google is Getting into the Star Wars Spirit

  9. 41 years from the Discovery of First Human Being Lucy

  10. Make your Chrome Work more Faster

  11. A Peep into the History..

  12. Google Launches it's Latest version of Android Studio 2.0

  13. Can you spot the stormtrooper in the Google data center?

  14. Running a Google Design Sprint from start to end

  15. This is what I am getting in Gmail. The force awakens :)

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  16. Must check out Google Star Wars: Awaken the Force Within

  17. This is how Google handles requests to take down pirated contents

  18. All you need to know about streaming apps from Google

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